Year: 2015

Slip and Fall Hazards in the Gym

Posted On July 2, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

A gym is a place where one goes to improve their body, getting hurt while working out is not what members want to worry about while they’re there.  Unfortunately, gyms and heath clubs can be very hazardous if the owners do not maintain the place well.  …

The Most Dangerous Slip And Fall Places

Posted On June 3, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

With over three million disabling injuries each year, it is extremely important for us to know the causes for slip, trip, and fall accidents. Although these accidents can happen anywhere, work-related injuries are all too common, being the second most common cause of lost-workday injuries in hospitals.…

Amtrak Accident: What Caused The Fatal Derailment of Train 188 In Philadelphia?

Posted On May 29, 2015 In General,Slip Trip & Fall

It has been more than two weeks since Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed in Philadelphia on its way to New York City.

Many of the initial questions that were being asked at the time of the accident have now been answered.…

5 Of The Best Baseball Slip, Trip & Falls Caught On Video

Posted On May 27, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Major League Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Rooting for the home team and enjoying a ballpark hot dog is synonymous with summer. From Little League to the minors and the majors, players batting, rounding bases, and sliding into home plate make us proud to be Americans.…

A Slip and Fall In The Workplace

Posted On May 20, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

When an employee slips and falls, who is responsible for injuries? 25,000 fall cases occur in the workplace every day, and costs resulting from these falls amount to well over $60 billion every year, according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration.…

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