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Op-ed: Govenvor should agree to the Grieving Families Act

Posted On April 4, 2024 In General

The Grieving Families Act has been reintroduced in the state Senate. This proposed legislation would drag New York’s antiquated wrongful death statute out of the depths of 1847. Twice in 2023, the state’s Legislature endorsed a revised version of the bill, underscoring the need to bring justice and accountability to families of wrongful death victims by allowing compensation for their grief and anguish.…

Construction Site Dangers Exposed: Crane Collapse in Manhattan Highlights Ongoing Safety Violations and Risks

Posted On January 18, 2024 In General

Working on a construction site poses many challenges, and very often significant safety issues. Construction workers must be prepared for anything, from unsafe conditions to heavy equipment to hazardous materials, just to cite a few examples. This includes even dangers from crane collapses and other equipment failures.

Manhattan Subway Collision: Understanding the Causes and Legal Recourse for MTA Train Derailment Injuries

Posted On January 18, 2024 In General

At around 3:00 p.m. on January 4th, 2024, a subway train on the Upper West Side in Manhattan derailed and collided with an out-of-service train near West 96th Street. The first train carried approximately 300 passengers while the second train held four Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) workers, who were in the process of making repairs.

NY Times: Bellevue Hospital Churns Patients Through Weight-Loss Surgery

Posted On December 11, 2023 In General

Over the past three years, according to an exposé published in the New York Times on December 7, 2023, Bellevue Hospital cut corners and pushed countless patients through unnecessary and harmful bariatric surgeries. According to the Times article, many of these procedures, which are intended to treat obesity by reducing the size of the stomach, resulted in improper changes to patients’ digestive systems, causing various health complications and requiring long-term lifestyle changes.…

Nutribullet Malfunctions: NJ Victim Reports Severe Injuries and Files a Product Liability Lawsuit

Posted On March 15, 2023 In General

Over the past few years, numerous purchasers and users of the NutriBullet kitchen blender have filed lawsuits against NutriBullet on the grounds that the machine exploded or otherwise malfunctioned during regular use, causing them severe injuries. NutriBullet, touted as a high-performance kitchen blender, has an extensive history of complaints against it regarding significant injuries from these malfunctions.…

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