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New York Construction Accident Deaths Are at an All Time High

Posted On July 12, 2022 In Construction Accidents

New York City has a long and well-established construction industry. According to the state statistics, in fact, New York City has the fourth-largest construction sector in the US. However, thousands of New York City construction workers go to work knowing the dangers they are exposed to.

What to Do When Construction Equipment Failure Causes Severe Injuries

Posted On June 28, 2022 In Construction Accidents

Approximately 150,000 construction workers are injured every year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among these, roughly 4,700 tragically lose their lives. Construction sites often involve heavy machinery and large vehicles that are often dangerous when they malfunction, break down, or are otherwise improperly handled.

Top Causes of New York Construction Site Accidents

Posted On June 14, 2022 In Construction Accidents

The construction industry in New York is once again booming. It is not possible to walk for a few minutes without locating a construction site nearby, especially in New York City. While this is obviously good for the state’s economy, it comes with risks.

Thousands of Violations Found in NYC Construction Safety Audit

Posted On May 24, 2022 In Construction Accidents

Following a series of construction-related deaths, The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) commenced a citywide zero-tolerance construction safety campaign on June 1, 2021. The DOB conducted thousands of inspections throughout the city, hoping to stop the increasing construction worker fatality rates. 

Tips for Preventing Weather-Related Workplace Injuries This Winter

Posted On December 22, 2021 In Construction Accidents

When the temperature drops, New Yorkers become vulnerable to weather-related accidents. Among some of the most at risk of winter weather exposure are those who work outdoors. First responders, construction workers, and snow cleanup crews are examples of jobs that require individuals to stay outside for extended periods.…