Year: 2015

Information on the New York Statute of Limitations

Posted On October 26, 2015 In Car Accidents

There were 299,452 total car crashes in New York State in 2014, 160,497 of these accidents resulted in injuries, 9,168 of these injuries are listed as severe.  Car accidents in New York are not uncommon and many times they can be very harmful.  …

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Posted On October 22, 2015 In Car Accidents

It does not need to be said that texting and driving is dangerous.  Texting while driving leads to numerous accidents and injuries every year which could have been easily prevented.  We’ve compiled statistic about texting and driving here for you in a blog post.  …

Autumn Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

Posted On October 19, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Autumn, or fall, whichever you prefer, is a wonderful season.  Temperatures cool off from hot summers, the leaves begin to change colors, the holiday season is around the corner, kids go back to school, and Halloween is right in the middle of it all!  …

Slip, Trip, and Fall in a Parking Facility

Posted On August 28, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Parking garages are a common sight in many cities and towns, providing an easy way for people to park their cars in an otherwise busy area.  Parking lot owners are responsible for maintaining a reasonable level of safety in their facility and when they don’t, many slip, trip, and fall hazards can appear.…

Who is Responsible for Damaged Sidewalks, Part 2

Posted On August 18, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

A few weeks ago we posted a blog explaining who is responsible for the upkeep of damaged sidewalks in Westchester county and detailed the laws surrounding sidewalk upkeep for about half of the towns and villages in the county.  This post covers the second half of Westchester County towns and who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance, if your town didn’t make it to the first blog post, it is probably in this one!…

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