Year: 2015

Amtrak Train Derails In Philadelphia On Way To New York City

Posted On May 13, 2015 In General

A devastating train accident occurred in Philadelphia on Tuesday night resulting in at least seven fatalities and many serious injuries.

Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 was heading northbound from Washington D.C. towards New York City when it was suddenly derailed from the track around 9:30 p.m.…

5 Steps To Preserve Your Slip / Trip and Fall Case

Posted On May 6, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

One of the most important things a person can do for themselves if they’ve experienced a slip and fall accident injury is to preserve the information about the incident. It’s also important to remember that the terminology “slip and fall accident” can pertain to several things.…

Famous Celebrity Slip And Fall Accidents

Posted On April 30, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Celebrities are real people, too. That’s why there are plenty of public situations in which celebrities slip and fall. These accidents are not necessarily funny, but they are interesting. Just the thought that someone who seems so perfect can trip and fall seems to draw a lot of attention.…

Spring Brings Pothole Trip And Fall Hazards

Posted On April 22, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

There’s nothing that will ruin your morning jog more than doing a face plant on the road after tripping on a pothole. It could cause you serious injury, time away from work, and at least a lot of personal embarrassment. The DOT in NYC strives to keep roads in good condition and accepts pothole repair requests from locals who want to help better their community.…

Before the Fall: What You Can Do to Prevent Slip, Trip & Falls

Posted On April 14, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Each year about 40 million American citizens will find themselves visiting a hospital emergency department as a result of suffering an unintentional injury. Many of these injuries are due to falls caused by slipping or tripping, as these are some of the most common accidents leading to injury in America.…

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