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Will Not Wearing a Helmet Affect My Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim?

Posted On August 23, 2022 In Personal injury

While motorcycles are as popular as ever—with over 750,000 licensed motorcyclists in New York—the safety concerns surrounding their use have never been higher. By design, motorcycles are less stable and offer riders and passengers minimal to no protection, making crashes far more likely to be catastrophic.

Camp Lejeune Justice Act Allows Victims of Water Contamination to File Lawsuits

Posted On August 16, 2022 In Personal injury

Between 1953 and 1987, more than one million people who passed through Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in eastern North Carolina were exposed to drinking and bathing water that contained toxic substances. The contaminated water was caused by dangerously high levels of benzene, industrial solvents, and other carcinogens which were disposed of near the base’s wells for years.

Who Is Liable When Road Hazards Cause a New York Car Accident?

Posted On July 7, 2022 In Car Accidents,Personal injury

According to recent findings by the National Transportation Research Nonprofit, up to 47% of major roads in New York are in poor or mediocre condition. This eye-opening statistic highlights the dangers motorists face on their everyday travels. Road hazards such as uneven pavement, black ice, potholes, and more can pose serious hazards to road users, resulting in traffic accidents that can cause serious injuries or even death.

Ceiling Collapse Warning Signs to Look Out for in NY

Posted On June 30, 2022 In Personal injury

New York, and New York City in particular, boasts some of the most impressive examples of modern and historical architecture anywhere in the world.  Unfortunately, however, many of New York’s older buildings – both commercial and residential – are in some state of disrepair, with some of those buildings having ceilings that pose a danger of collapse to those living or working inside them.

Daily Harvest Issues Recall After Lentil Dish Sickens Customers

Posted On June 27, 2022 In Personal injury

Following widespread complaints of severe illness after eating vegan food delivery service Daily Harvest’s French Lentil + Leek Crumbles dish, the meal service issued a recall of the dish on June 17, 2022.

Complaints of illness have included not only nausea and vomiting, but also severe and agonizing pain, and even organ damage, including to the liver and gallbladder.…