Category: Personal injury

Delivery Truck Accidents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted On December 17, 2020 In Personal injury

The delivery economy was accelerating year over year before 2020. Then the coronavirus pandemic occurred and the demand for deliveries exploded. With so many trucks on the streets and highways of New York every single day, accidents are bound to happen.…

Evenflo Booster Seats – Recalls, Dangers & Lawsuits

Posted On November 25, 2020 In Car Accidents,Personal injury

Booster seats help secure young adolescent children in vehicles. When properly designed, the seats can provide added safety measures that secure a child in place. However, improperly tested or poorly designed booster seats can put a child at serious risk of injury or death.…

New York City Roads & Lower Speed Limits – Traffic Deaths & Reckless Driving

Posted On September 24, 2020 In Personal injury

As fatal collisions and car accidents steadily rise, New York City officials are lowering speed limits on nine major streets that are considered some of the most dangerous. According to city data, there have already been more traffic-related deaths this year than in all of 2019.…