Year: 2015

Staging Safety: Supporting the Reduction of Scaffolding Accidents

Posted On April 10, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Scaffolding has been used for decades, yet it is still a major contributor to construction accidents, specifically slips, trips, and falls that result in serious injury or even death. This guide will examine the causes, explore methods of prevention along with initiatives and regulations that help improve statistical outcomes.…

Your Slip & Fall Injury Claim: Understanding and Leveraging Liability

Posted On April 6, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

If you have been involved in an accident and want to make a claim for your slip or fall as you believe someone else was to blame, the first thing to do is understand what type of accident is most likely to lead to a personal injury case.…

Who is Liable for Falls Through Skylights, Roof and Floor Openings?

Posted On January 24, 2015 In General

In 2011 OSHA listed falls as the top cause of death on construction sites. Inadequate protection around skylights, roof and floor openings are the cause of many of these incidents, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety. Employers are responsible for the security of workers on the job site, and many of these falls can be prevented.…