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Surgeon Removes A Kidney From The Wrong Patient

Posted On January 20, 2017 In General

The Department of Health has confirmed that they are looking into allegations that a doctor’s mistake resulted in a healthy kidney being removed from a patient, although representatives from the hospital where the surgery was performed claim that their surgeon is not at fault.

At Least 103 People Injured In New York Train Crash

Posted On January 6, 2017 In General

Most people start out the beginning of a new year with a sense of freshness and renewal, using the first few days to plan how they will live a happier and healthier life. Sadly, however, sometimes the best laid plans are railroaded by an unexpected event.

Resident Of Mount Kisco Files Personal Injury Lawsuit After Crash

Posted On December 9, 2016 In General

It’s been almost two years since a Metro-North train crashed into an SUV, killing six people including and injuring fifteen others. Yet the victims aboard the train and the loved ones of those who passed away still don’t have any answers regarding what caused the crash.

What Happens If My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation?

Posted On November 4, 2016 In General

In New York, the majority of all business owners are required by law to obtain workers’ compensation coverage so that if any employees become injured or ill because of their job, they won’t have to worry about not being about to afford the medical treatments they need.…

Train Collision Results In Injuries to Thirty-Three In New York

Posted On October 20, 2016 In General

On Saturday, October 8th, 2016, the last thing that commuters on the Long Island Rail Road expected was to end up in the hospital. Yet, by the end of the night, that’s exactly where thirty-three of them ended up.

A Splatter Of Yellow Paint

Shortly after the accident, Governor Cuomo updated the public.