Losing a family member as the result of someone else’s negligence is a terrible tragedy, but you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for your loss. And while it may be tough to think about pursuing your legal rights during this difficult time, doing so may be a critical step towards securing and protecting your family’s future.

The Law In New York Regarding Wrongful Death

The laws governing Wrongful Death cases in New York are quite complex. You need an experienced New York wrongful death attorney to build a strong case against those individuals or companies responsible for causing the untimely death of your loved one.

Under current New York law, the surviving family members can recover money to compensate for the deceased’s conscious pain and suffering, as well as for the awareness of the impending death. In addition, the surviving family members can recover money for the loss of financial support, services, and guidance provided by the deceased loved one. As it stands now, the surviving family members cannot recover money for their own pain and anguish associated with the loss. However, our New York wrongful death attorneys have joined the efforts to reform this antiquated restriction in the law.

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