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Ruling Now Prevents Arbitration Clauses In Nursing Home Contracts

Posted On October 6, 2016 In General

In an effort to protect the elderly who are patients in nursing homes throughout the country, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ruled that nursing homes can no longer include arbitration clauses in their contracts if they receive funding from Medicare or Medicaid.…

New York Man Dies Hours After Doctors Declare Him Dead

Posted On September 26, 2016 In General

The widow of a New York man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor and hospital alleging that her husband’s life could have been saved if doctors had listened to her when she told them that he was still alive.

Leve & Ecker, PLLC In The Community

Posted On August 17, 2016 In General

We are delighted to report that our firm was featured in the Westchester County Business Journal for volunteering at Lifting Up Westchester’s Annual Carnival Day on July 21, 2016.…

Medication Errors Hurt Hundreds Of Nursing Home Residents Daily

Posted On August 11, 2016 In General

a few drugs that nurses commonly make medication errors withGabriel Garcia Marquez wrote, “Age has no reality except in the physical world.” For many, this is true. As they age, they find that at heart they are still young but their body needs additional, round-the-clock care. Frequently, that care is given to them by nurses and physicians in nursing homes.

NY DOB Reports An Increase In Stop Work Orders

Posted On August 5, 2016 In General

a construction site that worker was injured onThe news can be extraordinarily repetitive in New York. Nearly every day, it seems like most stations are busy reporting on the latest construction accident which left a worker seriously injured or caused their death. Unfortunately, the reason that these accidents are making headlines so frequently is that they are happening more often.