New York Construction Accident Deaths Are at an All Time High

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New York City has a long and well-established construction industry. According to the state statistics, in fact, New York City has the fourth-largest construction sector in the US. However, thousands of New York City construction workers go to work knowing the dangers they are exposed to. In fact, construction has become the most dangerous job in New York. With construction workers interacting with heavy machinery and large objects and employing complex techniques, NY construction accident deaths are on the rise. As a construction worker, it is fair to expect that the potential hazards you are exposed to should be a wake-up call to your employers and supervisors to make worksites safer.

However, instead of prioritizing the safety of their construction workers, many owners, construction managers, and contractors put profits ahead of everything. Most serious or fatal injuries at construction sites occur because of negligence and carelessness by these owners, managers, and contractors. Construction workers find themselves working under hazardous conditions with defective tools and insufficient safety devices. Therefore, it is essential for construction workers to have reputable and experienced New York personal injury attorneys fighting for their rights. 

What Are the Most Common Construction Accidents in New York?

Construction workers are routinely exposed to a wide array of dangers. However, according to the New York City health report, there are many causes of construction accident deaths. The report explains further that many preventable deaths have occurred among construction workers in New York. The most common causes of accidents and fatalities on New York construction sites include:

  • Accidental falls from scaffolds, ladders, or roofs
  • Becoming caught in or between objects
  • Electric shock
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Injuries from building materials due to lack of protection
  • Scaffolding collapses
  • Struck by falling objects or non-secure materials

Nobody wants to get involved in a construction accident; however, these are some common accidents that our experts have been dealing with. A construction accident can lead to severe or fatal injuries, including broken bones, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and even permanent disabilities. So, what causes these accidents at a construction site?

What Are the Most Common Causes of Construction Accidents in New York?

It bears repeating that New York construction accidents and deaths are at an all-time high. What is more disturbing is that most of these accidents can be prevented if contractors and building owners correct the most problematic issues. Violations of essential safety standards are the most common cause of construction accidents.

Some of the most common construction site violations include:

  • Violations of scaffold, stairway, and ladder safety standards
  • Lack of eye and face protection
  • Failure to warn workers about known hazards
  • Lack of fall protection standards
  • Lack of protection from electrical equipment and wires
  • Machinery and machine guarding violations
  • Lack of control of hazardous energy
  • Respiratory protection violations
  • Deficient training requirements

OSHA reported that most construction accidents result from at least one standard violation. Therefore, these violations by owners, contractors, and manufacturers are a major cause of construction accident deaths.

Lack of Safety on Construction Sites Is Shockingly Common

When an owner or contractor knowingly fails to take care of a hazardous condition, they are risking the lives of all of the workers on site. Construction workers and their families are the ones who are left to suffer the consequences of these actions, including:

  • Disabling safety features on a dangerous equipment
  • Violating safety standards to make profits
  • Allowing workers to use faulty or damaged equipment

Owners and contractors fail to look out for the welfare of the workers. With negligence playing a huge role in the increased construction accident deaths, the stories are pretty disturbing.

Why Are New York Construction Workers at Higher Risk of Injury?

Even though construction is a dangerous job, the number of construction accident deaths in New York is alarming. So, what is the reason behind this? There are various factors that put New York construction workers at a higher risk of injury. They include:

  • Many New York construction workers are employed on a short-term basis. This means that they will find themselves in new environments using new equipment. Without proper precautions, accidents are more likely to happen.
  • The construction industry is booming in New York. With many construction projects underway, some workers have to work on an accelerated schedule, with shortcuts taking priority over standard procedures.
  • The shortage of skilled construction workers in New York means that some laborers are overworked. Some contractors also choose to hire less-experienced workers. With fewer workers or qualified personnel onsite, construction workers are at a high risk of injury.

When an accident happens at a construction site, the injuries caused can be mild, extensive, or even fatal. The construction manager or general contractor is generally responsible for the site and the overall safety of the workers. Therefore, if you or someone close to you has been injured while working, you or they could be entitled to financial compensation. However, handling a construction accident compensation process is often complicated because of the many people and legal procedures involved. You can increase the chances of making your employer accountable by partnering with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Reach Out to a New York Construction Accident Attorney

New York officials have enacted laws to help protect construction workers, but that is not enough. Construction workers continue to suffer injuries and deaths while on the job. The saddest part is that the increase in fatality rate results from negligence and lack of adherence to safety protocols at the construction site. Companies have a legal duty to adequately train, apply safety regulations and create a safe environment for workers. However, that is not always the case.

At Lever & Ecker, PLLC, we understand how painful it is for family members to lose their loved ones due to a construction accident, especially a death that could have been prevented. If you or your loved one was involved in a construction accident, let our award-winning New York personal injury attorneys handle your case and fight for compensation and justice.

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