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Unfortunately, workplace injuries can occur at any job location, from construction sites to office buildings. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, you may suffer complications that significantly impact your daily life, including injuries requiring extended hospital stays and surgeries, prolonged medical treatment, and time lost from work. If you have suffered an injury in the workplace in the Bronx, you may be eligible to recover compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial losses you have suffered.

At Lever & Ecker, PLLC, we are committed to representing workers in New York and fighting aggressively for the full extent of their losses. We have over 65 years of combined legal experience achieving highly favorable outcomes for our clients.

Does My Accident Qualify For Workers’ Compensation in New York?

If you were injured while performing your job duties, you will likely be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. To successfully pursue a workers’ compensation claim in New York, you must establish that (1) you were injured, and (2) the injury occurred while you were on the job.

Once you have suffered an on-the-job injury, a skilled Bronx workplace injury lawyer can ensure that the required written notice of the incident is provided within the time limits required by law. Additionally, your attorney may be able to help you pursue justice from parties other than your direct employer that may bear liability for your injuries, including premises owners, general contractors and those responsible for dangerous machinery or equipment.

How Can a Seasoned Bronx Workplace Injury Attorney Help Me?

The seasoned lawyers at Lever & Ecker, PLLC are committed to working on behalf of injured workers to achieve favorable outcomes, whether through trial or settlement, for their claims. Some of the many ways we can represent your interests in the Bronx include the following:

  • Conducting a detailed investigation
  • Commencing a lawsuit
  • Answering all of your case-related questions
  • Discussing claims with insurance companies
  • Establishing fault and liability with evidence
  • Filing all paperwork correctly and on time
  • Reviewing and providing essential legal documents
  • Guiding you through every step of New York’s legal process
  • Negotiating with all parties on your behalf
  • Proceeding to trial if necessary

The workplace injury attorneys in the Bronx at Lever & Ecker, PLLC are always ready to go to trial to protect our clients’ rights and interests, if it becomes necessary because the other parties and their insurance companies refuse to negotiate in good faith. When you choose us, we will fight tirelessly on your behalf to help you stand up to large insurance companies and collect the compensation you need to move your life forward.

What Benefits Can I Receive After a Workplace Injury in The Bronx, New York?

While there are a few exceptions, nearly every employer in New York is required to have workers’ compensation coverage. While workers’ compensation typically covers an injured employee’s medical bills and lost wages, they rarely cover any non-economic damages. With a skilled workplace injury lawyer in the Bronx on your side, you may be able to pursue a Bronx personal injury claim, in addition to a workers’ compensation claim, to compensate you for the full extent of your losses, provided there is an entity other than the employer who is responsible for the injuries. A few types of damages our skilled attorneys may be able to help you recover include the following:

  • Pain and suffering (past and future)
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Lost wages and earning potential (past and future)
  • Medical expenses (past and future)

At Lever & Ecker, PLLC, we take a personalized approach to every case and will consider your current and future needs while pursuing your claim. We aim to fully understand the impact your injury has on your daily life so you can be compensated fairly.

Discuss Your Case with a Trusted Bronx Workplace Injury Attorney at Lever & Ecker, PLLC

If you have been hurt while on the job in the Bronx, do not hesitate to contact a highly-qualified Bronx workplace injury attorney. At Lever & Ecker, PLLC, we understand that time is of the essence, so we will work quickly to pursue the compensation you are owed for your injuries. Our award-winning New York lawyers have over six decades of combined experience protecting workers’ rights and achieving highly favorable results for their cases. We have a proven track record of recovering millions of dollars in damages for our clients in the Bronx and surrounding areas. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our talented legal team, call us today at (914) 288-9191 or (718) 933-3632. You can also contact us day or night through our online contact form.