Road Nightmares: How to Handle Distracted Drivers

Lever & Ecker, PLLC March 3, 2013 Car Accidents

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of auto accidents. Texting is certainly to blame for many car crashes, but other distracted behaviors can also cause collisions. As a cautious driver who never multitasks on the road, you are likely to come across others who regularly engage in distracted driving. The way you handle such a problem depends on three main scenarios.

A Distracted Driver’s Passenger

When you’re driving, you are in full control of your own actions. The scenario can be quite frightening when you find yourself an innocent passenger going along for a wild ride with a distracted driver. You may hold on for dear life while attempting to punch down an invisible brake as your companion’s multitasking prohibits sensible driving. In order to save yourself and others on the road, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up such situations. Offer to drive instead, or suggest pulling over so the driver can finish whatever it is that is so important.

Sharing the Road with a Bad Driver

Distracted driving is easy to detect on the road. When that driver beside you starts swaying back and forth from texting or applying makeup, all you can do is cringe. Try to get away from the situation as quickly and safely as possible to avoid an accident. If the driver is posing a significant danger to others, pull over and call 911.

Evaluate Your Own Driving

Many drivers feel they are immune to the risks associated with multitasking while behind the wheel. In fact, a survey by Allstate concluded that most of the people who rate themselves as excellent drivers regularly engage in distracted driving. Take an honest look at your driving and make a more conscious effort to concentrate on the task at hand next time you’re on the road.