NY Accident Attorney: Who is at Fault for School Bus Accidents?

Lever & Ecker, PLLC February 8, 2013 Car Accidents

Every day, millions of parents see their children off to school via bus. We rely on the training and expertise of the drivers and other officials on-board to make sure that our kids get to school safely. Sadly, thousands of bus accidents every year result in injuries, including those on school buses. When your child is injured on a school bus, you are certainly entitled to answers as to why this happened.

Driver Mistakes

Driver mistakes can cause school bus accidents. From lack of alertness to driving errors, school bus drivers can succumb to some of the mistakes that everyday drivers make. Unfortunately, unlike the everyday driver, school bus drivers have dozens of children to account for.

Road Conditions

Inclement weather can certainly cause unforeseen accidents, so it is important to stay on top of daily reports to determine whether you think it is safe for your child to ride. Also, erratic driving on the part of other vehicles on the road can easily cause school bus accidents.

Other Children

Children rely on school bus officials to get them to and from home safely, but it is also the responsibility of older children to conduct themselves properly. Middle and high school buses often lack support staff, so it is up to those riding the bus to refrain from causing distractions to the driver.

It is important to seek legal counsel in the event of a school bus accident, regardless of who you think is to blame. An experienced NY school bus accident attorney can help you obtain the answers you’re looking for while getting you the compensation your family deserves.

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