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Workplace accidents can have a profound impact on a person’s life. They can result in severe and debilitating injuries, including, for example, traumatic brain injury, disfiguring burns, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, complex fractures, or even death. Recovering from these physical and mental traumas requires the proper care and treatment, as well as plenty of rest and rehabilitation, to get back on your feet and return to everyday life. This is why it is so important to have a legal advocate on your side who can fight for your right to workers’ compensation.

If you are injured at work, there can be a tendency to resume work as if nothing happened. Often, people are afraid or embarrassed to complain about their injury or take time off to heal out of fear of angering their bosses. However, even the best worker in the world would have trouble performing their duties after experiencing a workplace accident–which is why workers’ compensation exists.

Receiving workers’ compensation from an employer provides injured workers the ability to obtain the medical treatment that they need and to rest and recuperate at home, with pay regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, many companies are reluctant to pay their employees the compensation they are entitled to by law. Employees deserve to have the ability to fully heal from the injuries sustained at work, without the stress of worrying about how their medical bills will be paid or how they will pay their rent. That is why it is so important to contact an experienced White Plains workers’ compensation lawyer and worker injury attorney from a reputable law firm.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury in the workplace, the White Plains workers’ compensation and worker injury lawyers at Lever & Ecker, PLLC, are here to help.

What Kind of Incidents Qualify for Workers’ Compensation in New York?

There are strict rules in the state of New York that define what incidents can qualify for workers’ compensation. Even though employers often fight tooth and nail to avoid paying their injured employees their rightful compensation, in most cases, they are left with no choice under the law. Injured employees who know their rights and immediately speak to a workers’ compensation attorney put themselves in the best position to receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

In order for an incident to qualify for workers’ compensation in New York, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The injured employee must work for a company covered by New York’s workers’ compensation law.
  • The injury the employee suffered must have taken place while they were on duty. Generally, off-duty injuries are not eligible to be covered under workers’ compensation.
  • The employer must receive a written notice regarding the incident that resulted in an injury or disability. This letter should be provided to the employer within 30 days and should provide information regarding the date, time, and location of the incident, the nature and cause of the injuries, the name and address of the employee, and it must be signed either by the employee or a person on behalf on the employee.
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What Benefits Can Injured Employees Receive in White Plains?

Moving forward after an accident in the workplace is not always easy. If you’ve been involved in a work accident, you may know that the consequences have the potential to be catastrophic–whether physically, psychologically, financially, or all three.

Thankfully, the state of New York allows workplace accident victims the ability to recover compensation for their losses. Employees injured while on the job may be entitled to the following types of benefits in White Plains, New York:

  • Salary compensation: This is typically two-thirds of their average weekly wage they were earning before the accident.
  • Scheduled Loss of Use Award: If there is a permanent or temporary disability, employees are often assigned a schedule loss of use award, which is an amount of money provided depending on the loss of use (such as a limitation of range of motion) of a specific body part.
  • Medical expenses: Any medical treatment related to the accident should be covered by workers’ compensation. Qualifying medical treatment can extend to hospital stays, rehabilitation, diagnostic testing, surgeries, and medication.
  • Non-economic damages: If a third-party is found to be responsible for your accident at work and injuries, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages beyond your lost wages and medical expenses, in the form of pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. This is often the case with accidents on a construction site, such as when an employee falls of a ladder or is struck by a falling object.

You can bet that any insurance companies or employers will be “lawyered up” – so you will also need an experienced attorney on your side to protect your interests.

How a New York Workplace Injury Attorney Can Help You

Our team of workplace injury attorneys has experience negotiating with large corporations and their insurance carriers. We work tirelessly for every client to help them receive the maximum settlement for their case, and we have recovered millions of dollars for injured victims all over the state. A few ways we help our clients is by:

  • Conducting a complete investigation into your accident
  • Negotiating with every party involved in the case
  • Assuring that all documents are correctly and promptly filed
  • Reviewing your losses to determine the total value of your claim.
  • Communicating with your health care providers to obtain the medical information needed to prove damages in your claim effectively
  • Arranging and presenting evidence in order to prove liability and losses
  • Deliberating with lien holders on your claim (such as health, disability, or workers’ compensation insurers) to potentially reduce the amount of those liens
  • Providing a comprehensive understanding of the New York legal system and how we can make it work for you

In many cases, victims of work injuries will need to go up against large corporations and massive insurance companies in order to fight for the compensation they are entitled to. At Lever & Ecker, PLLC, we know how to stand up for victims facing these intimidating opponents and will work diligently to demand appropriate compensation for our clients’ losses.

At Lever & Ecker, PLLC, we take great pride being one of the top-rated White Plains area personal injury law firms, but those kinds of results don’t happen overnight. Since our firm’s founding, we have worked hard to keep our staff and procedures among the best in the industry. We have instilled the importance of providing the best client experience possible from the top down. That’s why when you choose to work with us, you will find that all of your phone calls are answered quickly and compassionately.

How Do Workers’ Comp and Workplace Injury Lawyers Get Paid in New York?

We understand that after suffering an injury at work, you have enough stress on your plate. While you are trying to juggle healing from your injuries, you are also worried about how you will pay your accumulating bills, especially if you are unable to return to work. That’s why at Lever & Ecker, PLLC, we work on a contingency fee basis. We believe victims of work injuries already have enough to worry about and that they shouldn’t have to also stress about how they will come up with the money to pay for legal representation to protect their rights.

A “contingency fee” just means that you will never have to worry about paying us a fee unless you successfully win compensation for your workplace injury. With our contingency fee arrangement, we agree to accept a fixed percentage of the compensation we recover for you. The previously agreed-upon fee is then taken out of the money awarded to you during your case so that you owe us nothing out of pocket. If for some reason, your case does not achieve a favorable outcome, you will not be required to pay us anything for the work done on your case. Similarly, for your workers’ compensation claim, the Workers’ Compensation Law Judge will determine the fair and reasonable attorney’s fee applicable in your matter which will be deducted for your awards. You will not be responsible to pay anything out of pocket.

Seek Help from an Experienced White Plains Workers’ Comp Attorney in New York

The White Plains workers’ compensation attorneys and worker injury lawyers at Lever & Ecker, PLLC, understand the devastating impact that a workplace injury can have on your life. The workers’ compensation attorneys and workers’ injury lawyers at Lever & Ecker, PLLC, can provide the legal help you need to recover what was lost. Do not let your company strong-arm you into backing down from a workers’ comp case.

If you have been involved in an accident at work or on a job site, and you do not know what your next step should be, contact the Lever & Ecker, PLLC, White Plains personal injury attorneys at (914) 288-9191, or via our online form to set up a free evaluation of your case.

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