How Truck Accidents and Car Accident Claims Differ

Truck Accident Claims Complex

If you’ve looked for New York truck accident law firms online, you’ve probably seen a number of messages from attorneys telling you that claims for truck accident injuries in our state are complex. That’s true. Truck accident claims are different from ordinary car accident claims in a number of important ways. These differences can make […]

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Ways to Prove a Driver Was Distracted or Texting When They Hit You

How to Prove Distracted Driving in New York

Distracted driving is on the rise. Here in the smartphone era, texting while driving has quickly gone from “what’s that?” fifteen years ago to one of the leading causes of death today. This is particularly true for teenagers, who are dying in record numbers because of distracted driving — an utterly preventable tragedy. Fortunately, not […]

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Truck Accident Claims Aren’t the Same as Conventional Car Accident Claims 

Truck Accidents vs Car Accidents

Our law firm works with a number of truck accident victims and their families. Often, when they first walk into our office, they are under the impression that a truck accident claim proceeds much like any other auto accident claim. But that isn’t necessarily true. While truck accident claims are governed by the same general […]

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Understanding New York Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers' Comp Lawyers

As a general rule, people who suffer an injury in New York are entitled to compensation if they can prove that someone else’s negligence caused the accident. That process usually involves an insurance claim and the possibility of a lawsuit. But if your accident happens on the job (or in connection with your job duties), […]

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How New York’s No-Fault Insurance Rules Apply to a Truck Accident Case

Truck Accident Case No Insurance

What happens, though, if you were injured in a truck accident and didn’t have any auto insurance of your own at the time of the accident?  Who is supposed to pay for your injuries? Will a lawyer want to take your case, since you didn’t have insurance? Can you afford a truck accident lawyer without […]

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