New York Electric Bike Accident Attorneys


CITI BIKE PULLS ITS ELECTRIC PEDAL-ASSIST BIKES OUT OF SERVICE Due to multiple reports of malfunctioning brakes, Citi Bike has pulled all of its approximately 1,000 electric bicycles from the streets of New York City. Citi Bike reported that users experienced a “stronger than expected braking force on the front wheel.” As a result of […]

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3rd Party Liability in a Workers’ Comp Injury Claim

3rd Party Liability Workers' Comp

If you’ve been injured while working in New York, there’s a lot to know about your legal rights, which may include the right to workers’ compensation benefits. A Brief Introduction to Workers’ Comp in New York Unlike most other personal injury claims, work accident claims in New York are subject to special rules that were […]

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Common Causes of Car Accidents in White Plains New York

Causes of Car Accidents in NY

Auto accidents may be a fact of life, but they almost never happen by mere coincidence. In fact, the overwhelming majority of car accidents are caused by negligence — that is, someone’s failure to behave reasonably, responsibly, or lawfully. How, exactly, does negligence lead to collision? In the sections that follow, we examine several of […]

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Know What to do After Being Injured in a Car Accident by a Drunk Driver

Steps to Take After Drunk Driving Accident

Every year, there are more than 8,000 drunk driving accidents in the state of New York. The overwhelming majority of those (around 6,000) result in at least one injury. About 350 New Yorkers die in drunk driving accidents each year. We hope you’re never involved in a drunk driving accident. But if you are — and […]

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