Injured Riding an Immotor Go Scooter?

Immotor Go Scooter Injury Lawyers

New York Electric Scooter Accident Attorneys On September 11, 2018, LEVER & ECKER PLLC, together with the firm of HILLIARD MARTINEZ GONZALES, LLP, filed a lawsuit against Immotor, LLC in Federal Court, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, on behalf of a client who sustained severe and permanent […]

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How to Interpret Crash Test Results

car crash test dummy

Overall, today’s vehicles are safer than they have ever been. However, the crash test ratings for each vehicle varies on a wide spectrum. When choosing a vehicle, you want to feel comfortable that in the event of a car accident, your car will protect you. While shopping for a vehicle, you may consider looking at […]

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How Do Vehicle Recalls Work and Why are They Important?

vehicle recall on road

In the last year, you have most likely seen a story involving a vehicle recall. These occur when an automaker admits that one of their vehicles has a fundamental flaw and sets out to solve the issue. Although vehicle recalls are nothing new, the modern news cycle has put these recalls in the national spotlight […]

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UPDATE: With NY Construction Deaths on the Rise, Regulations Are Strengthened

New York Construction Workers

Back in May, disturbing statistics were brought to light that construction site inspections throughout New York have decreased and consequently, injuries and deaths to workers have increased. Well, to combat this trend, lawmakers, real estate groups, and construction workers have banded together and have agreed to tighten construction site regulations according to the New York […]

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