6 Types of Evidence to Gather After a Construction Accident

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Construction workers encounter various hazards, including dangerous equipment and debris, every day on the job. After suffering severe injuries in a construction accident, you may want to pursue legal action against the responsible third party or contractor. However, to ensure you secure the maximum compensation you deserve for your damages, a lawyer must gather thorough and proper evidence of the responsible party’s negligence.

Your lawyer will not only have to prove the responsible party (or parties) owed you a certain duty of care, but also that their lack of care resulted in the accident and your injuries. Continue reading about the various documents our lawyers at Lever & Ecker, PLLC, can gather on your behalf for your construction accident claim.

6 Types of Evidence to Gather After a Construction Accident

While construction workers are known to work with high-risk equipment and in dangerous environments, they still deserve a safe workplace. New York law allows workers to pursue legal action against responsible property owners, managers, and other third parties.

When proving these parties are responsible for your injuries, your lawyer may collect the below information (among other documents) as evidence of their negligence:

Medical Documents and Records

After a construction accident, your injuries may require extensive medical attention and rehabilitation. From surgical costs to photographs or videos of your injuries, any information that may link the accident to your injuries or demonstrate the severity of the damages will offer vital evidence on your behalf. When recovering from the accident, having another party act on your behalf and speak with doctors relieves a major burden on your shoulders.

Evidence From the Scene

Unsafe working conditions, poorly maintained equipment or property, and other dangerous aspects of the construction site that may have led to the accident and demonstrate the third party’s negligence are essential to your claim. Your lawyer will have the resources and connections to collect the necessary information from the scene to support your case.

Expert Witnesses and Eyewitnesses

Having another individual describe your accident or your damages, as a witness, is vital to an injury claim. Whether the individual witnessed the accident directly or is an expert in a specific field, their detailed opinion or statement may provide the necessary details to prove your claim and the other party’s negligence. However, communicating with witnesses may be challenging while recovering from your injuries. Your lawyer will be able to act on your behalf and contact witnesses.

Surveillance Footage

Technology provides numerous benefits for our society, including video surveillance footage. From dashboard cameras to traffic monitors, there are many ways for a video to catch an accident. As your lawyer investigates your claim, they may identify and locate cameras that capture your accident.

Construction Project Details

In some cases, the details regarding a construction project may hold critical information about the negligence of a third party. Under New York and federal law, property managers and owners must provide a safe environment for workers or, under certain circumstances, warn those of any potential dangers on the site. Whether it is the property, equipment, or other unsafe elements, the details or lack of them may prove crucial to your case.

Gathering evidence for a construction accident case is often time-consuming and requires significant resources. When recovering from injuries, you may be unable to collect the necessary evidence on your own. However, an experienced lawyer at Lever & Ecker, PLLC, will act on your behalf and provide the knowledge and connections for a smooth construction accident injury claim.

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