Year: 2021

Understanding the “Reasonable Person” Standard in a Negligence Claim

Posted On October 29, 2021 In Personal injury

Negligence is one of the most common underlying causes of accidents resulting in personal injuries. The extent of negligence attributed to a person or entity helps determine their liability. The “reasonable person” standard is part of this process. Understanding the reasonable person standard is an important part of winning you compensation for your pain and suffering. 

Top 4 Questions for your New York Personal Injury Consultation

Posted On October 19, 2021 In Personal injury

Filing a personal injury claim can be a process fraught with tension and uncertainty. Depending on the nature of the incident, fighting for fair compensation can be more complicated if you are healing from physical or emotional trauma. When scheduling a consultation with a New York personal injury lawyer, think about what you want to ask in advance.

Injuries to E-Scooter and E-Bike Riders on the Rise in New York, Raising Concern for their Safety

Posted On October 15, 2021 In Personal injury

The COVID-19 pandemic has created countless challenges and changes in our lives over the last few years. Among these changes are the types of transportation people are using. While countless New Yorkers had historically ridden public transportation without giving it a second thought, the onset of the pandemic in early 2020 suddenly made many of these same New Yorkers very wary about using subways, trains and buses.…

Meeting the “Serious Injury” Threshold in New York

Posted On October 5, 2021 In Car Accidents

The severity of motor vehicle accidents varies widely, and the injuries people suffer in accidents run the gamut from superficial cuts and bruises to severe and catastrophic injuries requiring immediate and urgent medical attention. In New York State, there is a legal threshold for “serious injuries,” so that a lawsuit or other claim may be pursued only if the injuries are of a certain severity, as defined under the law.

What Type of Evidence Should I Gather for a Slip and Fall Claim? 

Posted On September 7, 2021 In Slip Trip & Fall

If you had to file a lawsuit if you or someone else were injured in a slip and fall accident due to someone else’s negligence, would you know what type of evidence to gather?

Slip and fall injuries are personal injuries resulting from the failure of a property owner or municipality to properly maintain their property.

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