Month: January 2017

Surgeon Removes A Kidney From The Wrong Patient

Posted On January 20, 2017 In General

The Department of Health has confirmed that they are looking into allegations that a doctor’s mistake resulted in a healthy kidney being removed from a patient, although representatives from the hospital where the surgery was performed claim that their surgeon is not at fault.

Semi Crashes Into Three Other Vehicles Killing Three Men And Injuring Several Others

Posted On January 13, 2017 In Car Accidents

A violent and powerful crash involving several passenger vehicles and two semi-trucks on the Cross Bronx Expressway left three men dead and seriously injured five others.

A Brutal Chain Reaction

What police have put together is that the beginning of the chain reaction occurred when the driver of a semi-truck came to a fairly sudden stop in the middle lane of the expressway due to the traffic in front of him.

At Least 103 People Injured In New York Train Crash

Posted On January 6, 2017 In General

Most people start out the beginning of a new year with a sense of freshness and renewal, using the first few days to plan how they will live a happier and healthier life. Sadly, however, sometimes the best laid plans are railroaded by an unexpected event.