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Yonkers Surgical Errors Lawyer

Patients place absolute trust in surgeons to operate safely, and there is little room for error. Surgeons and their support staff are human, and mistakes are made, but avoidable surgical errors are all too common and can have disastrous results. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries resulting from a surgical error, our Yonkers surgical error attorneys are here to help. 

Why Choose Our Yonkers Surgical Errors Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been seriously harmed as a result of a surgical mistake made before, during, or after a surgical procedure, contact Lever & Ecker, PLLC. Our Yonkers team of surgical errors lawyers can help you recover the compensation that you and your family deserve. With more than 27 years of experience, our law firm has the knowledge, legal advice, skill, and resources to successfully take on the most complicated of surgical and medical malpractice claims

Why You Need a Surgical Errors Lawyer in Yonkers, New York

New York surgical error lawsuits typically involve a number of complex legal issues, including as to medical issues, which require experts, evidence, insurance, and legal issues such as the statute of limitations (time limit for filing a lawsuit). A Yonkers medical malpractice attorney with experience handling these types of medical malpractice cases understands the unique issues and has the resources to build a strong case. All of your legal needs will be taken care of for you, from the initial investigation of the surgical error and identification of potentially responsible parties, through negotiations with insurance companies and, ultimately if necessary, trial.

Yonkers surgical error lawyers

What are Common Causes of Surgical Errors?

There are many different ways for surgical errors to injure a patient, and most commonly they are caused by: 

  • Incorrectly performed surgery: Simply, if the surgeon performs a surgery negligently, and that negligence causes injury to the surgical patient, the surgeon (and perhaps others) may be held liable for their malpractice.
  • Surgery performed on an incorrect area: If the medical staff does not fully review the details of a procedure before beginning surgery, they may perform a procedure on the wrong part of the body. For example, knee surgery performed on the wrong leg, or surgery at the wrong level of the spine.
  • Anesthesia errors: A patient’s condition must be closely monitored when they are put under anesthesia during surgery. If there are any signs of distress, medical personnel should respond quickly. A patient can suffer serious injuries if they have an allergic reaction to anesthesia or if an improper dose of medication is used. Anesthesia errors can result in respiratory problems, brain damage, seizures, or wrongful death.
  • Foreign object or instrument left in body: Failure to pay close attention during a procedure can result in sponges, clamps, and other instruments being left inside the patient’s body. These objects can cause damage to internal organs or cause other complications that threaten a patient’s health.
  • Unnecessary Surgery: In some cases, errors in hospital procedures or medical records can lead to a surgery or a medical care procedure being performed on the wrong patient. This may occur, for example, if two patients have similar names, if medical information is accidentally switched, or if a patient is moved to a different room without notifying those who are performing the surgery.

What’s the Difference Between a Surgical Error & Complications in Surgery?

Not all failed surgeries are caused by surgical errors. For there to be a surgical error, it must involve a surgeon failing to follow the appropriate standard of care. Surgical errors are preventable mistakes, whereas complications may be described as adverse events caused by pre-existing factors that were outside the doctor’s control. Patients can vary in their susceptibility to complications from surgical procedures since each one differs in their health, habits, and immunity or healing power. A surgical error or mistake, however, assumes there was a lapse of either quality or control by the surgeon, not keeping with normal expectations. 

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At Lever & Ecker, PLLC, our law firm is dedicated to helping victims of personal injury and surgical errors recover what was lost. Our law firm helps recover medical expenses in the State of New York and hold those that a Contact us today by calling (914) 288-9191 or (718) 933-3632 to arrange a free consultation.

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