What to Do if You’re Hurt in a Hit and Run Accident in New York

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Hit and run accidents are some of the most common collisions in the state of New York. Heavy traffic, in addition to the number of bicyclists and pedestrians, make the state a hotspot for hit and run collisions. These accidents can cause traumatic injuries and even fatalities in some cases. 

New York drivers and pedestrians cause and experience millions of accidents each year but, when a vehicle flees the scene of a collision, it can leave the victim feeling lost and unsure of how to move forward. After experiencing a hit and run accident in New York, there are several important steps to take. If you have been struck by a driver who leaves before authorities arrive, ensure that you know what to do to receive the compensation you deserve. 

Health and Safety Concerns for Hit and Run Victims in New York

The NYPD frequently reports the data it collects on traffic accidents and fatalities. In 2020, there were 64 incidents of serious accidents where the at-fault driver fled the scene before their information could be obtained. This growing issue has caused a number of life-changing and fatal accidents that have left many victims, and their families, devastated. 

The most important step to take after you have been involved in a hit and run accident in New York is to ensure that you are safe. If you experience an injury from the accident, it is necessary to seek medical attention right away. In addition to the critical aspect of helping you recover from your injuries, seeking immediate attention can provide several other benefits, such as:

  • Proof of your injuries
  • Record of your treatment
  • Medical documentation of the accident

One of the most crucial missteps that victims make after a hit and run accident is to not seek medical care. Even if you feel “fine,” contacting a medical professional for a physical evaluation can help prevent or limit future possible complications from the effects of the collision.

Gathering Evidence After a New York Hit and Run Accident

Some victims may not experience severe injuries after being involved in a hit and run. In certain cases, the occupant of an involved vehicle may feel perfectly fine while their vehicle absorbed the most damage. If you are involved in a hit and run accident and you are not severely injured, you should try to obtain your own evidence from the location of the collision. 

When you gather evidence from the scene of a hit and run in New York, there are specific important things that you should consider gathering and recording. This evidence will be able to help strengthen your case, and provide authorities relevant information that may allow them to find the individual who struck you. 

Luckily for victims, evidence can be recorded right from your phone. Simply obtain photos and videos of:

  • Debris in the road
  • Street names
  • Roadway conditions (potholes, etc.)
  • Damage to your vehicle or other property
  • The location of vehicles in the roadway
  • Injuries you have sustained

Another important aspect of gathering evidence after a hit and run accident is to speak with any people nearby who may have witnessed the collision or saw the other driver fleeing. Obtaining the statement of witnesses can prove to be critically valuable to your case. The statements should always be accompanied by the person’s contact information, including their full name and a way to reach them. These statements, and their accompanying contact information, can either be written or recorded on video.  

Recalling and Recording Hit and Run Accident Details

One of the most challenging aspects of a hit and run, of course, is that the at-fault driver can be difficult – and sometimes impossible – to track down. The victims of hit and run accidents can have trouble recalling relevant information due to a number of factors, including the speed at which the other vehicle left the scene of the collision. It can be hard to know the make or model of the vehicle if it struck you, or your property, before you noticed it. 

Victims of hit and run accidents are encouraged to write down details about the other driver as soon as the accident occurs if they are able. The make, model and color of the car, its type or size, any identifying marks such as a damaged bumper, or even one of the alphanumeric digits on their license plate can all be important pieces of information that authorities can use to track down the driver. 

Reliable Hit and Run Attorneys in New York

Victims of hit and run accidents deserve legal representation from an attorney they can trust. At the office of Lever & Ecker, we are proud to offer our services to clients all over New York. We believe in working closely with our clients to ensure that they receive the financial compensation they deserve for the injuries they sustained. 

To get started on your New York hit and run accident case, contact the experienced attorneys at Lever & Ecker by calling 914-288-9191 or 718-933-3632, or reach out to us online to book your consultation today.

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