Ways to Avoid Black Ice During the Winter

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It is no secret that driving in the winter months in New York comes with weather-specific risks that could cause serious accidents. Black ice is among the most common risks associated with driving during the winter in New York. Driving on black ice is highly dangerous and can cause severe injuries if an accident occurs. To keep yourself safe during the winter when you get behind the wheel, it is vital that you know what steps you can take to avoid black ice while out on the roads. 

Lever & Ecker, PLLC, has over 65 years of combined experience representing car accident victims in New York. We understand the risks of hitting black ice while driving during the winter. That is why our team of trusted lawyers is dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge of what they can do to avoid this danger and the injuries and losses that would likely result if you were involved in a black ice accident. 

How Can Drivers Avoid Black Ice During the Winter in New York?

One of the scariest factors about black ice is that it is extremely hard to see on the roads while you are driving. Often, the road will appear completely clear, making some drivers believe they can drive as they usually would, or even speed, until they hit the black ice and it is too late. This is because black ice is a thin coat of glazed ice on a surface like a clear roadway, but it takes on a dark coloring from the pavement below it. Although black ice is often invisible to the human eye, by understanding some facts about black ice, you may be able to avoid it:

Have Knowledge of Where Black Ice Is Most Likely to Form

You should be highly vigilant while traveling on roads that are not in direct sunlight. Examples of these areas may include a tree-lined street, the floor of a mountain valley, bridges and overpasses, or areas close to rivers and streams.

Understand How Black Ice Forms

Black ice most commonly forms due to melting snow on or beside the roadways. After a snowfall, temperatures often climb above freezing during the day, causing any snow to melt into water. Any standing water may freeze into black ice when temperatures dip back down later in the afternoon or at night. If you live in an area that has recently experienced a winter storm or snowfall, you should consider that there may be black ice on the roadways. 

If you ever hit black ice, remember to keep the steering wheel straight and do not hit the brakes. Instead of slamming the brakes, you should ease off the gas pedal and shift into a lower gear to gain more control of the vehicle and steer the car in the direction you want to go. If you have been involved in a black ice accident, contact a New York lawyer to discuss a personal injury claim. 

Who Can Be Liable for a Black Ice Accident Claim?

One of the most frightening aspects of black ice on roads is the lack of visibility to drivers. Sometimes it can feel like black ice truly comes out of nowhere, leaving car accident victims stunned and confused. However, despite the fact that black ice is difficult to see, that does not absolve drivers from avoiding liability when it comes to an accident claim. If you were injured in a car accident caused by black ice, the following parties may be held liable for your case:

  • Other Drivers: If you were hit by another driver who spun out of control due to black ice, they may still be held liable for your accident despite the presence of severe weather. The other driver may have been distracted, driving while under the influence, or driving while drowsy and was not as alert as they should have been on the roads. 
  • Municipalities: Municipalities are responsible for the removal of snow and ice in certain roadways and areas. If the roadways were not closed and an accident occurred due to black ice that was not taken care of, then the municipalities may hold some liability. 
  • Snow Removal Companies: If a snow removal company was hired to clear roadways for drivers and did not ensure that any black ice on the roads was taken care of, they may hold some liability for your accident.

If you are unsure who may be liable for your black ice accident claim, a trusted personal injury lawyer can help. A lawyer can help you prove liability by collecting evidence of the four elements of negligence as it relates to the liable parties. The four elements of negligence show that the at-fault party owed you a duty of care, breached the duty of care, the breach led to your injury, and you suffered a loss as a result.

Can You Collect Damages After a Black Ice Accident?

If you have been involved in a black ice accident in New York, you may qualify for damages by filing a personal injury claim. The damages you may be able to collect include:

  • Pain and suffering, past and future
  • Ambulance/emergency transportation fees
  • Hospital and treatment bills
  • Lost wages or income, past and future
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses
  • Prescription medication
  • Short or long-term disability

To better understand what damages you may be able to retain following a black ice accident, contact a New York personal injury lawyer today.

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