Top 3 Causes of Winter Car Crashes in New York

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In the wintertime, car accidents are common events, due to harsh weather conditions and dangerous roadways. Snow and ice on the streets create dangerous conditions, making accidents an unfortunate reality of winter driving. When the temperature starts to drop, those in New York must take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and others safe on the road.

Some individuals may not understand how dangerous the roads are during these times and make negligent or even reckless decisions that cause a serious accident. If you are injured due to another person’s carelessness, you have the right to seek compensation for the injuries you sustain, as well as the other financial losses associated with an accident. A car accident attorney can help you recover the losses you sustain from a collision.

What Are the Top 3 Causes of New York Winter Car Accidents

There are a number of reasons for a car crash, but during the wintertime, some causes are more common than others. It is crucial that drivers understand the challenging winter conditions and prepare for the icy months ahead. The following are three common causes of weather-related car accidents to watch out for in New York:

Low Visibility

The harsh New York winter weather can take a toll on drivers due to the low visibility. For example, when it is snowing, drivers have trouble seeing other vehicles around them or the lines on the road. If there is also a layer of ice on the street, drivers can also find it difficult to see markings on the road or miss vital signs.

These challenges can lead to lane-drifting accidents due to the inability to see where the lanes are. Keeping a close eye on those around you and making sure your lights are working properly can significantly reduce the chances of an accident.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Every part of a car plays an essential role in making the vehicle safe and keeping it working properly. If one part stops working, the vehicle can malfunction and cause an accident. Before the winter season, drivers need to make sure their cars are in good condition for the winter challenges. Below are a few common vehicle maintenance mistakes drivers should check for before winter:

  • Worn down tire treads
  • Dull windshield wipers
  • Malfunctioning defrost system
  • Faded or burnt out lights

When drivers take preventative measures to keep their vehicles in top condition, they reduce the likelihood of car accidents. Even though you cannot control others’ actions on the road, you can protect yourself and others by keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Slick Roads

Snow and ice can make the roads extremely slippery and challenging to drive on. The tires have a hard time gaining traction on the road which makes it hard to slow down, turn your vehicle, or stop. You may not always be able to see the ice, so paying attention to your surroundings and the road is essential in case of an emergency.

Car accidents can inflict serious, life-threatening injuries. The severity of your injuries may depend on the area and speed of impact. Regardless of the severity, seeking medical assistance is crucial to recovering from a car accident. If you are in a winter car crash, contact a car accident injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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