Should You Call 911 After a Car Accident in NYC?

Lever & Ecker, PLLC April 12, 2022 Car Accidents,Personal injury

While some car accidents only result in property damage, others cause severe injuries and harm to the people involved. Feeling confused and frustrated after an accident is normal and can last for an extended period. If someone requires immediate medical attention, the first step is to contact emergency care. After you are in a safe location and medical assistance is on its way, the next step is to contact the police and notify them of the accident. 

Contacting law enforcement is extremely important and required by law in certain cases. While you may feel anxious talking with an officer, the police must assess and create a police report for the accident. The report can provide a vital piece of evidence for a car accident injury claim. 

When Are You Required to Contact the Police After a Car Accident in NYC?

Before you leave the scene, you will need to exchange information with the other driver and contact the police. Under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident before you assess the damage and whether anyone suffered severe injuries. You are also required to contact the police and remain at the scene of the accident when:

  • A domestic animal is injured or killed
  • A parked vehicle, or other property, is damaged
  • A person is injured or killed
  • There is over $1,000 in property damage

If the car crash only results in minimal property damage, you are not required by law to report the crash to the police. However, you are responsible for exchanging your driver’s license, insurance, vehicle registration, and other important information with the other drivers. 

What Are the Benefits of Calling the Police After a Car Accident?

Even if you are not required to contact the police, there are benefits to having a police officer at the scene of an accident. Consider the following ways contacting law enforcement can help handle your crash and car accident claim: 

  • Create a proof of fault and accountability
  • Create a proof of injuries a damages
  • Create official documentation of the accident
  • Document unbiased observations
  • Handle aggressive situations

While contacting the police might seem unnecessary and bothersome, many benefits can come from a police report. If you did not contact the police after your accident, talk with an experienced lawyer about what steps you should take. 

Can I Face Consequences After Failing to Report a Car Accident?

After a car crash that results in severe property damage and injuries, a police officer must come to the scene, and all drivers must file a Report of Motor Vehicle Accident form with the DMV. All drivers involved in the accident have ten days to file the report. If they fail to report to the DMV, they risk suffering a suspension of their driver’s license.

If someone suffers severe, life-threatening harm and an officer is not called, involved parties can face legal consequences and punishments. Talk with your car accident lawyer to understand what steps you need to take and how they affect your car accident injury claim.

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