Product Liability Lawsuits: Roof Collapse Injuries

Lever & Ecker, PLLC June 29, 2012 Car Accidents

Roof crush may contribute to hundreds of deaths and catastrophic injuries from automobile accidents every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that SUVs experience more roof crush than any other type of vehicle in a rollover accident. The injuries resulting from roof crush can be tragic and life-changing, particularly when one considers that manufacturing defects may play a role in the cause behind these types of accidents. In those situations, a product liability lawsuit may be in order, to help victims of these accidents collect compensation for their injuries.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability deals with the responsibilities manufacturers and vendors have to produce and market products that are safe for advertised use. When injuries occur because the product does not work as promised, legal action may be taken against the manufacturer. This recourse proves to be a useful tool in protecting consumers against faulty products.

In the case of roof crush accidents, product liability may apply to the manufacturer of the vehicle that did not exercise proper care in ensuring the roof of a vehicle was properly constructed to withstand the pressure of a rollover accident. This could be the result of faulty materials used in the roof, or improper construction of the roof pillars designed to support the actual roof. When these parts do not work properly in the event of a rollover accident, the end result can be catastrophic for those inside the vehicle.

The good news is that product liability laws may apply in some rollover accidents where roof crush occurs. It is important to talk to an experienced product liability attorney to determine whether legal action is the next logical step.

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