Defective and dangerous products injure thousands of New Yorkers every year

Our quality of life improves every year: new appliances and products make our lives easier, new medical devices and treatments make us healthier, and new safety technology protects us from harm. However, despite these innovations, dangerous and defective products continue to appear on our store shelves, in our medicine cabinets, and in our vehicles. In many cases, the public does not become aware of faulty products and unsafe products until consumers are seriously injured or killed.

Despite safety regulations and testing, hundreds of defective and dangerous consumer goods slip through the cracks and into our stores and homes each year. From defective car parts to dangerous appliances to lethal children’s toys, some companies are careless or negligent in releasing unsafe products while others do not include appropriate instructions or clear warnings.

Let our White Plains product liability attorneys take charge of your defective product injury case

For over 25 years, the White Plains personal injury lawyers of Lever & Ecker, PLLC have secured millions of dollars in damages for their New York product liability clients. Since 1996, they have represented clients who have been injured by a wide range of product liability incidents involving defective car safety restraints, car rollover defects, defective car brakes, defective transmissions, fuel tank defects, hazardous industrial machinery and equipment, unsafe household appliances, children’s flammable garments, and toxic products.

We handle an array of product liability cases, including but not limited to cases involving:

• Defective car parts and automobile design flaws
• Dangerous infant, baby, children, and toddler toys and products
• Dangerous over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, and medical devices
• Flammable garments, clothes, and other products
• Dangerous or defective heavy machinery
• Dangerous or defective home appliances
• Tainted food and beverages
• Dangerous recreational products and accessories
• Harmful household products
• Toxic chemicals in consumer materials and products

White Plains product liability cases can be challenging and complex – you are often up against a large company or corporation – and it is critical to have an attorney on your side who has taken on similar cases in the past, such as lawsuits regarding manufacturing defects, lawsuits regarding dangerous design flaws, and lawsuits regarding marketing defects. We can help you fight the big companies and secure compensation for your injuries. At the same time, we can make it more likely that the manufacturer in question takes steps toward getting their dangerous products off the market and to adding appropriate safety features to their products in the future.

Tell us about your product liability case and take a step toward securing compensation

Speaking up will not only give you the opportunity to collect damages from the manufacturer for your injuries, it will also save other consumers from suffering as you did. However, standing up to a large company can be difficult and having a knowledgeable, aggressive, and experienced product liability attorney at your side is critical to winning your case. Contact us today to tell us about your defective product injury – we will work tirelessly for justice and you will not owe us anything unless you receive compensation.
Lever & Ecker, PLLC is lfocated in White Plains, New York and serves clients throughout the state, including New York City’s five boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island) as well as Westchester County, Rockland County and Long Island.

What is a defective product?

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