NY Personal Injury Attorney: Keeping Teens Safe from Holiday Drinking

Lever & Ecker, PLLC December 29, 2013 Car Accidents

Being a parent is hard, especially when it comes to protecting teens from underage drinking during the holidays. While fads may come and go, alcohol seems to be one that sticks around. According to the CDC, alcohol is abused more than any other drug in teens and it causes at least 4,700 deaths per year.

Like many states, New York has a strict law that prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors. Specifically, the Alcohol Beverage Control Law prohibits retailers from selling alcohol to people under the age of 21. Furthermore, teens caught using fake IDs to purchase alcohol will get their licenses suspended.

As a parent, these measures can give you a sigh of relief. But the question is, how do teens still obtain alcohol if these strict laws are in place? There is a small loophole in New York law that allows parents to purchase alcohol and give their teens drinks in moderate amounts at home. If a teen abuses this supposed privilege, then he or she may be providing your own teen with alcohol.
The situation may be further complicated if your teen or a friend decides to drink and drive from a holiday party. Teenagers are more prone to accidents than adult drivers, and alcohol only makes matters worse. If your teen is involved in any DUI-related accident, you need legal counsel right away.

Before you even think this far ahead, it is important that you first maintain open communication with your teens about drinking alcohol. Whether you decide to give your teen alcohol at home or not is your call, but you do not want to be in the position of explaining to another parent how their kids drank and caused a car accident. Furthermore, emphasize moderation and responsibility no matter what age you drink.

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