What Happens When Construction Companies Don’t Follow Brazing Safety Precautions

Lever & Ecker, PLLC March 17, 2012 Construction Accidents

When a construction company fails to follow established OSHA safety regulations, construction worker injuries often result. Welding, brazing and soldering metal work are all hazardous activities that pose many risks for both health concerns and serious injuries.

Harmful Gases

The process of working with metal can cause harmful gases and fumes emissions. Base metal coverings contain filler metals, inks, and fluorides are present in the fluxes. These gases and fumes can create problems with construction workers’ eyes, skin, and hair; and on a more serious level, brazing accidents can create respiratory illnesses and negatively affect the nervous system.


Working with metal and brazing also requires excessive heat, which puts individuals at a risk for serious burn injuries.

Brazing Safety Precautions

Here are some safety precautions for brazing to prevent serious injuries during the process, please contact an experienced NYC construction accident attorney if your employer is not following these safety precautions or you become injured due to a lack of safety on the job:

Proper ventilation – when working in a confined area, it must be ventilated properly with fans and exhausts.

Base metal cleaning – before use, base metals should be cleaned to prevent unknown contaminants from being added to the fume hazards.

Knowledge of the metal types – workers involved in brazing should understand what type of metal they are working with and whether it will produce fumes when heated. Some coatings should be removed before the metal is heated.

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