Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

Lever & Ecker, PLLC June 16, 2012 Car Accidents

There is often a negative view of motorcycle drivers in the media that paints a picture of reckless and speeding drivers that swerve in and out of traffic and cause accidents. Many motorcycle drivers ride their vehicle safely and within their rights for sharing the road with other vehicles – but the negative view of motorcyclists can make it difficult for a motorcycle driver involved in an accident. Most insurance companies and lawyers will attempt to put the liability of an accident on the motorcycle driver.

A good and experienced lawyer will investigate the liability of a motorcycle accident to ensure that the client is not inaccurately blamed. If the driver of a car or other motor vehicle hits you on your motorcycle and claims he didn’t see you – it’s possible the other driver is actually at fault and liable for the motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accidents are commonly caused by negligent drivers, and this is not always the driver of the motorcycle! For example, if a driver of another motor vehicle turns in front of a motorcycle in an intersection, that driver will be liable for the accident. If a driver attempts to pass another car and hits a motorcyclists head on – they will be liable for the accident. Also, if a driver cuts a motorcycle off while changing lanes, he or she will be liable for the accident.

Our car and motorcycle accident lawyers will examine all of the facts in your accident case to help determine who is liable for the motorcycle accident. If you or someone you love was hit by another driver, you may be entitled to benefits or compensation as a result of the accident. Contact our office today to evaluate your case.

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