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Our elders give us as much support, knowledge and love as they can. In light of this, we hope to ensure that our parents’ or grandparents’ medical and daily living needs are satisfied when they are afflicted with physical or mental conditions. You may assume that nursing home staff always provide reasonable levels of care when you decide to place a loved one in their care but, sadly and tragically, this is not always the case.

Finding out that a senior has been mistreated in a nursing home—a place designed to meet all of their needs—is every family’s worst nightmare. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities operate with insufficient staffing or recruit employees who have not been adequately vetted due to poor management and incompetence. The adept Bronx nursing home abuse lawyers at Lever & Ecker, PLLC are here to help you hold abusive nursing homes and staff accountable.

Defining Nursing Lever & Ecker, PLLC Home Abuse in New York

Generally, nursing home abuse can be defined as the deliberate infliction of harm on a nursing home resident. The most common forms of abuse in nursing homes include the following:

  • Emotional abuse: Someone is using threats, harassment, insults, intimidation, or humiliation on the resident, which could cause them emotional trauma.
  • Financial exploitation: The person in charge of keeping track of an elder’s spending abuses their authority by stealing money, valuables, or other possessions.
  • Mental abuse: The resident has been subjected to threats, intimidation, or particularly insensitive and abusive language.
  • Physical abuse: The resident is experiencing physical violence such as rough treatment, hitting, kicking, punching, or another mistreatment that causes them pain.
  • Serious neglect: The resident’s needs, like hygiene maintenance, activities, prescriptions, or daily assistance, are not being met.
  • Sexual abuse: The resident is experiencing unwanted sexual contact or advances such as unwanted touching, sexual photographs, or other forms of sexual aggression.

Nursing home residents who experience any form of abuse may suffer severe mental and physical injuries. In a lawsuit, federal and state legislation intended to safeguard seniors’ health and safety can aid in establishing a facility’s precise obligations and liabilities and could be crucial in establishing a compelling case of nursing home abuse.

Should I Seek Legal Representation for a Bronx Nursing Home Abuse Case?

It can be heartbreaking to learn that a loved one has been subjected to abuse in a facility responsible for their care. It is understandable that you want to do everything in your power to obtain justice for your loved one. However, it is never advisable to pursue a nursing home abuse lawsuit without the representation of a skilled and experienced nursing home lawyer in the Bronx.

Building a strong lawsuit requires knowledge of New York law and a solid understanding of the legal process. Also, whoever is responsible for your elder’s abuse will certainly fight back against the suit with their own lawyers. With their thorough understanding of the law, an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in the Bronx will be able to provide top-notch representation to you and your family against those who have caused injury to your loved one..

The experienced Bronx nursing home abuse attorneys at Lever & Ecker offer the following services when serving their clients:

  • Conducting a detailed and thorough investigation
  • Obtaining and analyzing medical records and other documents in support of the case
  • Answering case-related questions
  • Commencing the lawsuit
  • Discussing claims with insurance companies
  • Establishing liability against the wrongdoers
  • Negotiating settlement offers
  • Reviewing and providing essential legal documents
  • Proceeding to trial if necessary

Such skills are critical in a claim against a well-funded nursing facility, which will have aggressive attorneys on its side to defend it. Experienced lawyers on your side will pursue your claim from all legal angles, to procure the compensation your loved deserves for the abuse they have suffered.

Damages You Can Recover From a Bronx Nursing Home Abuse Suit

Victims of nursing home abuse or their loved ones can pursue financial compensation for any economic and non-economic losses they have suffered due to abuse they have suffered. The exact parameters of compensation to which a victim of nursing home abuse is entitled will depend on the specific details of their case.

Nursing home abuse victims frequently recover the following:

  • Pain and suffering from the abuse, including physical and emotional damages
  • The cost of relocating to a new care facility
  • Medical expenses from treating injuries
  • Funeral and burial costs if the elder passed away due to their injuries

New York law allows for the recovery of emotional, financial, and punitive damages in civil suits. When pursuing compensation from a negligent elder-care facility, you should keep the full scope of your and your loved one’s losses in mind.

Bronx Nursing Home Abuse Statute of Limitations

Generally, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against a nursing facility in New York is three years. Depending on the specific circumstances of each case, however, this deadline may not always apply in the same way for every case.

Certain circumstances could significantly reduce the statute of limitations for your case, for example if the facility is a municipal entity, in which case there are multiple deadlines, including one just 90 days after the alleged incident. Therefore, your should contact a nursing abuse lawyer as soon as you suspect your loved one has been subject to abuse, to ensure you can exercise your right to pursue compensation.

Retain a Compassionate Lawyer for Your Bronx Nursing Home Abuse Suit

You put a lot of faith in the facility and its employees to look out for and respect your senior family members when you place them in a nursing home. Elder abuse violates that trust and can result in life-threatening conditions, severe physical and psychological harm, or even death. With guidance from an experienced Bronx nursing home abuse lawyer, you can act quickly to bring legal action against individuals responsible for your elder’s suffering.

New Yorkers, young and elderly, have had their rights protected by Lever & Ecker, PLLC. Using more than 70 years of combined legal experience, we have helped numerous victims of nursing home abuse. We are devoted attorneys who can represent you and act on your behalf. We are also ready to go to trial. Arrange your first consultation with us by calling (914) 288-9191 or our Bronx line (718) 933-3632. Alternatively, you can contact us using our contact form.