3 Top Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Crash Injury in New York

Lever & Ecker, PLLC June 12, 2021 Truck Crash

For residents who live in the state of New York, accidents that involve large commercial trucks can have devastating consequences. While the traffic across the state is among one of the most dangerous aspects of navigating roads in New York, sharing that road with oversized trucks can be even more potentially devastating due to the sheer size and weight of these massive commercial vehicles.

After experiencing a collision with a truck in New York State, there are important aspects of the accident to consider. Avoiding these top three mistakes that many residents in New York commit can help increase the likelihood of successfully moving forward with your truck accident case and allow you the opportunity to seek the justice and compensation that you deserve.

1. Failure to Record Evidence

Many individuals who find themselves the victims of a serious truck collision are often required to leave the scene of the accident due to their injuries. However, during the time that you are at the scene of the crash, it is vital that you record as much evidence as possible to help boost the strength of your case. Failing to record this information can make it challenging for you to present your side of the story in court. 

Gathering evidence from the scene of the collision can be done using any smartphone. Simply record video and take photographs of the area where the accident happened, focusing on factors such as:

  • Debris in the road
  • Tire marks or skid marks 
  • Interior and exterior vehicle damage
  • Vehicle parts that came off in the accident
  • Nearby traffic signs such as the speed limit
  • Physical injuries sustained by drivers, passengers, or pedestrians
  • Any other evidence you believe might be relevant to your case

There are various types of evidence that can be gathered and used in court after a New York truck accident. Although a truck accident lawyer will be able to help you collect other pieces of evidence that can be useful for building your case, obtaining evidence at the accident scene can be a powerful tool when it comes to pursuing a truck accident claim.

2. Failure to Obtain Witness Testimony

While it is not strictly necessary, securing testimony from nearby witnesses can provide a way for you to help support your evidence. In certain cases, there may not have been any bystanders or witnesses to the accident. However, for many residents in New York, there are often pedestrians or other drivers nearby who saw part of the accident or the aftermath of the collision. 

Obtaining written statements from witnesses is a good place to start. If you have your phone, you may also use it to record a video of the bystander stating what they witnessed. Regardless of the method you choose to capture their information, it is necessary to gather their contact information before they leave the scene, including their full name and at least one form of contact information, such as a telephone number or email address. 

3. Failure to Seek Medical Attention

Many cases of truck accidents that occur in New York are devastating and have the potential for fatality. However, there are rare occasions when a collision with a truck only does damage to the structural integrity of your vehicle, leaving you with less severe injuries, such as whiplash, cuts, or muscle tension. Even if you feel completely fine following the events of a truck accident in New York, it is still essential to see a medical professional, as your injuries may take some time to become apparent.

Failing to receive a physical evaluation from a doctor can make your recovery and your case much more difficult. Physicians are able to detect damage that does not always seem immediately apparent, such as neck/back injuries, concussions, and internal bleeding. In addition to ensuring your health and safety, doctors add the nature of these visits to your medical record, and this information can then be used to strengthen the legitimacy of your truck accident case in a New York court. 

Contact a Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer in New York

For victims and their loved ones, New York truck accidents can be disastrous in a variety of different ways. Whether the crash results in property damage, disability, or wrongful death, the team at Lever & Ecker understands how devastating these collisions can be. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases, and our lawyers are committed to giving each client the counsel and dedicated representation that they deserve.

To get started on your New York state truck accident case, call Lever & Ecker at either 914-288-9191 or 718-933-3632 . You can also reach out to us online to schedule your consultation today. 

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