Top Risks for Drivers to Avoid During Rain Storms

Lever & Ecker, PLLC April 20, 2012 Car Accidents

Rain makes for hazardous driving conditions, particularly for drivers who are unaware of the risks associated with rainy day driving. To protect yourself on the road and prevent car accidents when conditions are less than stellar, it is important to recognize the risks and find ways to avoid them whenever possible. These five risks are some of the most dangerous when driving in the rain.

Slippery Roads

Probably the biggest risk to driving in the rain is slick road conditions. Wet roads can make your car hydroplane and skid, particularly if you don’t reduce your speed appropriately for the conditions and leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you.

Reduced Visibility

Heavy rain and hail can reduce your visibility of the road and other drivers. Car lights can help improve visibility somewhat, but reduced speed is also important when your line of sight is limited.
Standing Water
Standing water after heavy rainfall has stranded hundreds of drivers nationwide. It is impossible to calculate the depth of a puddle from behind the wheel of your car. Running water is a particular hazard, so avoid these conditions at all costs.

Foggy Windows

Rainy days can result in foggy windows, which reduce your visibility quickly when you are on the road. Run both front and back defrosters with your air conditioning on to clear up windows fast when fog hits.

Windy Conditions

Rain is often accompanied by wind, which can further reduce disability. In addition, wind can blow hazards onto the road rather quickly. Reduced speed and keeping windows clear will help to warn drivers of possible debris. Remain alert to sudden changes in conditions.

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