Who is Liable for Injuries from Being Struck by an Object on a Construction Site?

Lever & Ecker, PLLC August 10, 2013 Construction Accidents

According to a 2011 report by OSHA, 738 fatalities occurred in the construction industry. Out of these, 73 of them, 10% were due to being struck by a object. It is the responsibility of the construction manager to ensure safe conditions on the job site so that fatalities and injuries do not happen. Common examples of being struck by an object include by vehicles, falling objects and masonry walls.


The US Department of Labor reports that 75% of deaths from being struck by an object involve cranes or trucks. If proper precautions are not taken on the job site, there is a high risk of being struck by some type of vehicle. Examples of proper safety measures include:

Using flaggers, barricades or traffic signs on roadways
Having proper braking systems installed
Cab shield or canopy must be provided for haulage vehicles loaded by power shovels, cranes and loaders to protect from falling objects
OSHA standard seat belts installed for workers
Routine inspection of vehicles

Falling Objects

These injuries often occur when working under scaffolds and cranes. Ways to protect workers from falling or flying objects include:

Screens, guardrails, and toeboards installed on scaffolds
Debris nets, canopies or catch platforms used to divert falling objects
Routine inspection of chains, lifting hooks, and wire rope on cranes and hoists
Warning signs and barricades posted in hazard areas

Masonry Walls

Walls need to be well supported because of their enormous amount of weight. When using jacks or other lifting equipment to position a stone wall, there is a high risk of death from falling bricks. Safety measures to protect workers include:

Allowing only qualified and necessary employees in the work area
Make sure wire mesh is secured at each wall end and take measures to prevent its recoiling
Only allow automatic holding devices for support in case other lifting devices fail

Construction managers have a responsibility to their workers to ensure the safest environment possible, which prevents death or harm from being struck by an object. If you or a loved one has been injured from a falling or flying object on a construction site, contact an experienced NY construction accident attorney today.