Who is Liable for Children’s Summer Injuries?

Lever & Ecker, PLLC July 19, 2013 General

Summer is the season with the highest risk of injury among children. Kids are outside engaging in activities that they are not used to, and can be seriously hurt if proper precautions are not taken. Parents are bringing their kids to many summer parties and camps, entrusting them to other adults. Before you leave your child in another’s care, be sure they have taken the proper steps to ensure their safety.

Playground Safety

Kids should not have to encounter danger at a park or playground. To be safe these areas should have adequate safety measures in place including:

Guardrails on slides and any raised walkways.
Smooth wood without splinters
Sandboxes free of broken glass or other sharp debris

Water Safety

According to the CDC, between 2005-2009, 30% of deaths among children from an unintentional injury were due to drowning, mostly in pools. Drowning was the second cause of death between the ages of 1-14. How to avoid this:

Never leave children alone in a pool, even in shallow water.
Install a five foot high fence around a pool with a gate that automatically closes and latches.
Keep ropes and flotation rescue devices close by.
Invest in a pool alarm that sounds when the gate is opened and water is disturbed.


Playing outside all day can lead to dehydration and illnesses from the heat. To prevent this:

Give children fluids before they become thirsty.
Take brakes in the sun during the hours of 10am and 6pm
Alternate between sunny and shady spots to play.

If your child has suffered injuries or illness in the summer because of an adult’s negligence, contact an experienced NY personal injury attorney. We will give you the legal help you need to compensate for your child’s suffering.