Construction Injuries: Who Is Liable?

Lever & Ecker, PLLC April 19, 2013 Construction Accidents

Construction workers are at high risk of injury and death. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs. However, just because it is dangerous doesn’t mean that no one is held responsible when a worker dies or becomes injured. Someone is often held liable for the accident, and understanding who that might be in your case can help you build a strong disability claim.

Liability in Construction Jobs

For a project, there are often times many different contractors working on it to completion. There may be engineers, construction managers, machine operators, and more. While these individuals are contracted out from the main project leader, they are not working individually. A manager is overseeing everyone working on the project.

When an injury or death occurs, liability may fall upon a few people depending on the construction accident that occurred. For example, if the accident was due to the construction site being unreasonably hazardous and the contractor did not warn workers about the hazards, that person may be liability for the accident. However, if the accident occurred due to safety measures not being followed, the subcontractor may face liability for not training or ensuring proper safety precautions were followed.

Often times, it is difficult to determine who is at fault for an injury or death. With so many people involved in a construction project, the liability can be placed on not only one person, but many people. This is why many people turn to a lawyer for a consultation.

Seek Legal Consultation for More Information

Every case is different, so seek a consultation today for help with your claim with an experienced New York construction accident attorney. Your case will be reviewed, and you’ll receive professional legal advice to help you understand who may be at fault for your injury or your loved one’s death.