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Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Posted On July 23, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Slip and fall injuries can vary greatly, from a few bruises to a broken back.  Injuries sustained depend entirely on the situation, including what the victim slipped or tripped on and the physical condition of the victim.  A large percentage of slip and fall victims are elderly, which puts them at a higher risk for injuries if they do slip and fall.  …

Slip or Trip and Fall in a Public Park

Posted On July 15, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

A beautiful day in the park can suddenly turn tragic in the event of a slip and fall.  There are many things in a public park that if left unmaintained can turn into a hazard and cause serious injury to people enjoying their day in the park.  …

Who is Responsible for Damaged Sidewalks?

Posted On July 8, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

Slip and Fall Caused by a Damaged Sidewalk

Even though sidewalks are made from sturdy concrete, they are not safe from damage.  Sidewalks can become cracked and damaged due to heavy foot traffic, tree roots, the settlement of soil under the poured concrete, or even thermal expansion because of weather changes causing the concrete to expand or shrink and then crack.…

Slip and Fall Hazards in the Gym

Posted On July 2, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

A gym is a place where one goes to improve their body, getting hurt while working out is not what members want to worry about while they’re there.  Unfortunately, gyms and heath clubs can be very hazardous if the owners do not maintain the place well.  …

The Most Dangerous Slip And Fall Places

Posted On June 3, 2015 In Slip Trip & Fall

With over three million disabling injuries each year, it is extremely important for us to know the causes for slip, trip, and fall accidents. Although these accidents can happen anywhere, work-related injuries are all too common, being the second most common cause of lost-workday injuries in hospitals.…