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How New York’s No-Fault Insurance Rules Apply to a Truck Accident Case

Posted On June 25, 2019 In Car Accidents

What happens, though, if you were injured in a truck accident and didn’t have any auto insurance of your own at the time of the accident? 

Who is supposed to pay for your injuries? Will a lawyer want to take your case, since you didn’t have insurance?…

What to do After Being in an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

Posted On June 18, 2019 In Car Accidents

Getting hit and injured by another driver is bad enough as it is. Even worse: finding out the at-fault driver doesn’t have any insurance.

Unfortunately, this is an all-too common scenario… much more common in recent years, as a matter of fact.…

Truck Accident Statistics in New York

Posted On June 5, 2019 In Car Accidents

Getting hit by a transfer-trailer truck may rank among many people’s worst nightmares, but it’s also something that most people suspect will never happen to them.  

Unfortunately, truck accidents occur more frequently than you might think, especially on New York’s commerce-heavy highways and interstates. 

Car Accident Injury Statistics in NY

Posted On June 1, 2019 In Car Accidents

Traffic accidents are a fact of life, and they happen daily in virtually every county in our state. 

As personal injury lawyers for White Plains, NYC, and beyond, we have seen so many stories of people whose lives were rocked by an unexpected accident — often the result of truly preventable negligence. 

7 Reasons for Talking to a NY Auto Accident Lawyer Before Talking to the Insurance Company

Posted On March 13, 2019 In Car Accidents

Whether to hire a lawyer after a car accident is a big decision. The choice you make could have a big impact on your experience during the months ahead, as well as how much money you might recover from the insurance company.…