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Who is Liable if You are Injured in a Taxi or Rideshare in NYC?

Posted On December 1, 2021 In Car Accidents,Personal injury

While taxis have long been a staple of New York City’s streets and avenues, rideshare usage has exploded in NYC in more recent years. In September 2021, the New York Post reported that more than Uber and Lyft users were ordering more than 430,000 rides every day.…

Can I Request Surveillance Camera Footage of My Car Crash in New York?

Posted On November 17, 2021 In Car Accidents

All too often after a car accident, the involved individuals will have different versions of  how the crash occurred. When this occurs, having evidence to support your version is vital to recovering your losses from the accident. While witness testimonials and pictures are essential pieces of evidence, a video of the accident can show exactly what occurred, and quickly put to rest any question as to blame for the accident.…

Meeting the “Serious Injury” Threshold in New York

Posted On October 5, 2021 In Car Accidents

The severity of motor vehicle accidents varies widely, and the injuries people suffer in accidents run the gamut from superficial cuts and bruises to severe and catastrophic injuries requiring immediate and urgent medical attention. In New York State, there is a legal threshold for “serious injuries,” so that a lawsuit or other claim may be pursued only if the injuries are of a certain severity, as defined under the law.

​Can Chiropractic Care Help Me Recover after a Car Accident?

Posted On August 18, 2021 In Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to various injuries, many of which involve the neck, back, and spinal cord. The treatment for such injuries will depend upon the circumstances, the severity of the injuries, and what methods will provide the victim with the best chance to recover.

Bus Crash Injures 57 in Upstate New York

Posted On August 18, 2021 In Car Accidents

Tragedy struck on August 14th when a tour bus headed to Niagara Falls crashed, sending all 57 occupants and the bus driver to the hospital for injuries. The bus, traveling from Fishkill, New York, was heading westbound on Interstate 90 in Brutus when it inexplicably veered off of the highway near Exit 40 and rolled over onto the grassy shoulder.…