Autumn Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

Lever & Ecker, PLLC October 19, 2015 Slip Trip & Fall

Autumn, or fall, whichever you prefer, is a wonderful season.  Temperatures cool off from hot summers, the leaves begin to change colors, the holiday season is around the corner, kids go back to school, and Halloween is right in the middle of it all!  One thing that would surely ruin your autumn season is a slip and fall accident.  There are many hazards for slip and falls in Autumn that are not present as much the rest of the year.  We’ve compiled a list of common slip and fall hazards so you can be mindful of them while you’re out enjoying the beautiful crisp weather.

Common Autumn Slip and Fall Hazards

Slippery and Wet Floors

With the onset of autumn, the seasonal change, and cooler weather comes more rain.  If your area was very dry in the summer it can take some adjusting to suddenly wet weather.  Rain leads to wet sidewalks which leads to wet floors in the entry ways of buildings and stairwells.  The people responsible for these properties have a duty to keep the area dry and safe for people walking through, but sometimes these responsibilities can fall through the cracks.  It is important to stay mindful of wet floors all through out autumn and winter.

Slippery Leaves

Leaves look beautiful when they are on trees changing colors, but when they fall to the ground and are not property cleaned up, they can become very hazardous.  Autumn rain can make leaves on the ground wet, heavy, and slippery.  Wet leaves can be almost as hazardous as ice, especially if they are on the tile floor of a building entry way.  If the owner of a property fails to keep their sidewalk or building entry way clear of wet leaves, they could be responsible for your injury.

Halloween Decoration Wires

It is common for both businesses and private residences to decorate for the fun holiday of Halloween.  Lots of these spooky decorations come with wires to plug them in.  When these wires are not maintained or are left lying around, they can pose a serious tripping hazard, especially if the wire is dark and blends in with the floor.  For more facts about slip, trip, and falls in general, click here.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Calm Down and Regain Your Composure

A slip and fall can be very startling, especially if you were injured in the process.  Immediately after the accident, take a few minutes to try to calm down and regain your composure.  Take a few deep breaths and try to slow down your heart rate and regain focus.  Staying calm will put you in the best state to communicate with others how to best help you.  A clear head will also help you remember key details about the accident and the accident scene.

Take Care of Your Health

The CDC states that one out of five falls causes a serious injury such as a broken bone or a head injury.  If you were injured in the accident, see a doctor immediately for medical attention.  If you do not feel that you were seriously injured, it is strongly advised to see a doctor regardless.  A physical from a medical professional will provide official documentation of your injuries and this documentation will be very important in a personal injury lawsuit.  A doctor will also be able to detect and document any minor injuries and monitor them in the event that they become more serious in the future.  Make sure to hold on to any medical bills as you receive them.

Document the Accident Scene

This documentation will be vital if you choose to pursue a personal injury case.  Write down everything that happened before, during, and after the accident.  If you have a camera with you or have one on your cell phone, take pictures of the accident scene and what exactly caused your slip or trip and fall.  If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their names and contact information.

Contact an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney

An experienced slip and fall attorney will know how to handle your case best and what steps to take next.  In slip and fall cases, depending on the situation, there may be paperwork that needs to be filed within certain time limits and an experienced lawyer will be aware of these stipulations.  Because of the time limits on certain cases, if you were injured in a slip and fall accident, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer.  The personal injury attorneys at Lever & Ecker, PLLC have years of experience handling slip and fall cases and we will handle yours with an extreme attention to detail to make sure that those responsible for your accident are held accountable for their actions.  For more information on slip and fall personal injury lawsuits, visit this page on our website and check out our FAQ page for some commonly asked questions.