Month: August 2019

A Look at the Latest Science on Recovery from Moderate to Severe TBI

Posted On August 22, 2019 In Car Accidents

Even after centuries of advancements in medical science, the human brain remains something of a mystery. In fact, experts have said that humans know more about the ocean and its deepest fathoms than they do about their own brains.

It is so complex and sophisticated an organ that doctors are only beginning to understand how the brain copes with injury and heals over time.…

What New York’s No-Fault Car Insurance Rules Mean for People in Minor Accidents

Posted On August 16, 2019 In Car Accidents

But car accidents can take a real emotional toll too. What about all the pain you’re forced to endure? The fear you feel about getting back in your car? The emotional distress of your life suddenly being “flipped upside down”?

New York recognizes these types of non-economic damages, which are generally referred to as pain and suffering.…

Learn How Courts and Insurance Companies Put a Price Tag on Emotional Damage

Posted On August 10, 2019 In General

“Pain and suffering” is one of those phrases you hear all the time, but people rarely stop to define it. More often than not, it gets repeated in a sinister or dismissive tone. You’ll sometimes hear people talk about pain and suffering as a “bogus claim” from “fakers” who “just want money from a lawsuit.”…