Month: March 2019

3rd Party Liability in a Workers’ Comp Injury Claim

Posted On March 13, 2019 In General

If you’ve been injured while working in New York, there’s a lot to know about your legal rights, which may include the right to workers’ compensation benefits.

A Brief Introduction to Workers’ Comp in New York

Unlike most other personal injury claims, work accident claims in New York are subject to special rules that were created in the hopes of reducing the amount of litigation between employees and employers.…

7 Reasons for Talking to a NY Auto Accident Lawyer Before Talking to the Insurance Company

Posted On March 13, 2019 In Car Accidents

Whether to hire a lawyer after a car accident is a big decision. The choice you make could have a big impact on your experience during the months ahead, as well as how much money you might recover from the insurance company.…