Month: December 2016

Drunk Driver Causes Car Accident In Newburgh, NY

Posted On December 23, 2016 In Car Accidents

Making the decision to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated is an incredibly dangerous one. Not only does the driver put their own life and property at risk but they frequently leave a path of destruction which leaves other serious injured.…

Resident Of Mount Kisco Files Personal Injury Lawsuit After Crash

Posted On December 9, 2016 In General

It’s been almost two years since a Metro-North train crashed into an SUV, killing six people including and injuring fifteen others. Yet the victims aboard the train and the loved ones of those who passed away still don’t have any answers regarding what caused the crash.

Another Crane Accident Claims Lives In New York

Posted On December 2, 2016 In Construction Accidents

crane used in new yorkIt seems like every few months in 2016, emergency responders have been called to the scene of a crane accident in New York where people – both workers and citizens who were unlucky enough to be passing by at the time – sustained life-threatening injuries.…