Month: September 2016

New York Man Dies Hours After Doctors Declare Him Dead

Posted On September 26, 2016 In General

The widow of a New York man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor and hospital alleging that her husband’s life could have been saved if doctors had listened to her when she told them that he was still alive.

Pavement Roller Flips Killing The Man Operating It

Posted On September 19, 2016 In Construction Accidents

State police have confirmed that a construction worker lost his life in Darien N.Y. after the pavement roller he was driving flipped over.

A Loss Of Control

Coworkers report that the driver was helping to load the pavement roller onto the back of a flatbed trailer when he appeared to lose control.

Using A Ride-Sharing App? You May Be Putting Your Life At Risk

Posted On September 2, 2016 In Car Accidents

car involved in a ride-sharing accidentThe idea of hiring a driver to take passengers from point A to B is not a new one. The first taxi service was launched in 1605 and consisted of a horse and carriage. By 1908, taxi services were car based.