Month: July 2016

Defendants In Tug Boat Lawsuits Seek Liability Limits

Posted On July 26, 2016 In General

Four months after a tugboat collided with a construction barge under the Tappen Zee Bridge, the defendants named in several lawsuits have announced that they are seeking to limit their liability.

New Details Reported About The Crash

The crash, which occurred on March 12, 2016, took the lives of three men: Paul Amon, Timothy Conklin, and Harrytugboat like the one that sunkHernandez.

Fiat Chrysler Faces Lawsuits Regarding Possible Car Defect

Posted On July 19, 2016 In General

Not long after it was announced that actor Anton Yelchin, who starred in the latest Star Trek movies, had been killed in a freak accident involving his Jeep while getting his mail, several Jeep Grand Cherokee owners have filed a lawsuit alleging that Fiat Chrysler concealed a defect in the cars.

Driver Kills One And Injures Twelve Others In Car Accident

Posted On July 13, 2016 In Car Accidents

The police are still investigating a crash which involved a total of ten cars and left one accident victim dead and twelve others injured.

The Facts

So far, the police have determined that the beginning of the chain of car accident which injures twelveevents started with the elderly driver of a Lexus who was involved in a minor accident on Staten Island with another driver.…