Month: March 2016

Group Pushes For Law Requiring Alcohol Testing For Workers

Posted On March 29, 2016 In General

Lou Coletti, the head of the Building Trades Employers’ Association has reported that the group is working with city officials on a law which would make mandatory alcohol testing a requirement for many work sites. The push for this came after an undercover investigation revealed that construction workers from numerous sites were choosing to partake of alcoholic beverages during their lunch break.

Woman Files Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit After Her Sister’s Death

Posted On March 25, 2016 In General

A woman has chosen to file a lawsuit on behalf of her deceased sister, alleging that her sister was neglected while living in a nursing home, and that neglect ultimately lead to her death.

The suit was filed after the 68-year-old nursing home resident died of pneumonia.

22-Year-Old Injured In Car Accident With Off-Duty Police Officer

Posted On March 22, 2016 In General

Recently, a series of unfortunate events ultimately lead to a horrific accident – a 22-year-old woman was thrown off of an overpass by a vehicle and fell 30 feet.

A Chain Reaction

The chain reaction, which lead to the victim being taken to the hospital in critical condition, began at about 5 a.m.…

Five Allegedly Responsible For East Village Explosion

Posted On March 4, 2016 In Construction Accidents

Five arrests were made almost one year after a deadly explosion killed two people in East Village. Maria Hrynenko, Michael Bronx, Dilber Kukic, and Jerry Ioannidis were charged by police with negligent homicide, second-degree manslaughter, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment.