Famous Celebrity Slip And Fall Accidents

Lever & Ecker April 30, 2015 Slip Trip & Fall

Celebrities are real people, too. That’s why there are plenty of public situations in which celebrities slip and fall. These accidents are not necessarily funny, but they are interesting. Just the thought that someone who seems so perfect can trip and fall seems to draw a lot of attention. There are plenty of examples of this happening and numerous pictures and videos to back up them. For those who are interested in the latest celebrity that has slipped on a wet floor or perhaps tripped on the red carpet, here are a few of the best examples out there. Can you really avoid looking at these situations?

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#1: Amy Schumer Falls on the Red Carpet

Perhaps one of the most interesting celebrity slip and fall accidents occurred on the red carpet at the 2015 Time 100 gala. Seemingly normal entrances were made by most of those attending until Amy Schumer took a dive to the carpet. What’s even more interesting is the look on the faces of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who happened to be behind her. Schumer is a comedian and actress and likely planned the nosedive into the carpet to gain some attention, but it still is a memorable moment.


#2: Madonna Falls At the Brit Awards

Madonna is known for her over the top performances but even the skilled and experienced performer can topple a bit while on stage. That’s exactly what she did at the Brit Awards. There, she fell on stage while performing. The footage was everywhere, much to her dismay. Nevertheless, the Queen of Pop found herself back up on the stage in no time belting out her famous tunes. The performer also says that she cannot look back at what happened and wonders how she wasn’t hurt.


#3: Jennifer Lawrence Falls On the Oscar Stage

The Oscars are the big event for celebrities and there is no better place to shine. At the 2013 event, Jennifer Lawrence, the actress many adore, had a run in with the steps. A set of steps, lighted and wide, paved the way to the stage from the audience. Unfortunately for Lawrence, she tripped on those stairs, perhaps due to the large, billowing gown she was wearing, and hit the ground. She was cautious and made it to the podium and tried to make a joke.


#4: Taylor Swift Falls On New Year’s Eve

Of course people have a few drinks to say goodbye to the old year and to welcome in the new year. There’s no indication that this was what happened to Taylor Swift at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2015, but she did fall down the steps there. As she was walking down the stairs from the stage, she seemed to lose her balance and slipped. She wasn’t hurt, thankfully, but she did make it to her place in time so that she could usher in the ball dropping a few minutes later on stage with Ryan Seacrest. She seemed to be smiling and happy, too!


#5: Iggy Azalea Falls at the Pre-VMA Show

There’s nothing more expected at the Pre-VMA Show than a lot of dancing and jumping around. During the 2014 performance, Iggy Azalea, a very popular singer and performer, didn’t have such a great experience on the stage. While she was performing her big hit “Fancy”, she happened to fall seeming to have run out of stage in process of performing. Luck for her, her security guards were right there to pull her back up on stage – she actually fell towards the crazy crowd. She wasn’t hurt and said she felt as though she was blessed that she did not break her legs in the process. She even shrugged it off later when asked about it. She posted the video of herself taking the nose dive on Instagram herself. It’s good to know she can laugh at herself!


When it comes down to it, every person whether it is a celebrity or not can easily slip and fall. It is rarely a pretty experience when it happens. Sometimes, slips and falls happen because of negligence and result in serious injuries, so be careful and if you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our attorneys.